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Welcome to This site is pretty out of date, sorry about that. But I have grand plans... So please just imagine that it is 2013, then it will all seem current!

The most exciting thing right now is the Giro Blog, which will follow my ride along the route of the 2013 Giro d'Italia as I raise funds for three very important charities. This great adventure starts on Friday 3rd ofMay. The blog will have daily updates on the adventure with impressions, pictures and hopefully even video. On top of that, there will be links here that let you track my progress as I ride.  Each day you can see exactly where I have ridden and where I am in real time, and can even have a look at how my riding that day has been.  You can see it by clicking the link below, or the logo above. You can also subscribe, to get a simple email notification when I post something new!

I recently moved the site to a new host and since then it has been down much more often than I would have liked.  I am hoping that this is just teething problems, but if it happens to be down when you try to visit, my apologies. It also means my access to the site has been a bit restricted so I simply haven't had time to polish it. This means that some areas look more than a little rough, and a few of the links don't work, sorry.  

If you want to read more, I also rode the Tour de France in 2009 and the Vuelta Ciclista a Espana in 2012, plus a few other little adventures.  Unfortunately most of  the older stuff has not quite made it here yet.  I am still hoping to bring it all over but time is running short before I leave for the Giro, and in the mean time you can still see the old version of the site here.  There are also links direct to the blogs for the Tour de France and the Vuelta under the appropriate images.

The Tour de France 2009 blog

Vuelta 2012 blog

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