A quick post from the wild

This one is quick, sorry. The signal here is not strong. I’m up in the mountains again, and it is COLD.

The day started off pretty well. I slept a lot last night to try and recover, and did a lot of icing and compressing of my knee and arm after being hit by a van yesterday. It seemed to work pretty well. The knee is still a little swollen but I am pretty sure it is just on the surface, and it felt fine on the bike today.

The arm is a little less good, I could definitely feel it through the day, especially when I tried to climb even little hills on the bike. I am icing and compressing more now though, so hopefully it will be perfect tomorrow.

As for the riding, I didn’t do a great deal today. I headed out ok, but ended up in a valley where basically my only option was to take major highways with no shoulder, or get on the train. I took the train over to the next valley, then started riding again.

I didn’t quite get to tomorrow’s start, but then no-one is quite sure what will happen with the race tomorrow. The forecast is for extreme cold with lots of snow. If that happens the course will be changed, possibly a lot. Right now, from where I am, it feels like that will happen.

It is beautiful here mind you. I took some wonderful pictures, but with the signal I have, or lack of it, uploading them is just not an option. Oh well, gives me one more thing to hope for from tomorrow.

I will let you know what is happening as soon as I know, but until then, stay safe and enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “A quick post from the wild

  1. bob

    Stay warm mate (apart from the arm, keep icing that sucker).

    First stack on the new bike? Doubly annoying, Still, it’s meant to be a rough and tough cross bike. Did the panniers protect it a bit?

    1. admin Post author

      Yeah, I decided it was just good training for the bike really! The panniers were off, but the rack did a good job of protecting the paint on the frame (while at the same time removing paint from the offending vehicle)!


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