A Rest Day for Me

So yesterday’s stage was called off, because of the terrible weather. Very sensible too, I would say. I caught a train away from the start to half way along today’s stage, and then I rode a bit of today’s stage. I only rode the section in the valley though.


Gorgeous gorge near Bolzano

The valley was absolutely beautiful, but the finish went up well above 2000m, and there was simply no way I was going up there. I rode until the freezing rain started, then I turned around and rode back down the valley until I came to a warm hotel. I did 100km yesterday, but it was 100 easy km.

Today I still had the chance to ride to the finish, and from down in the valley it looked tempting. I’ve been watching the weather patterns pretty closely though, and I wasn’t fooled. I had two problems with riding the rest of the stage today.

The first was that if I rode up, I was going to have to ride down. I was pretty sure that it was going to be freezing cold and snowing at the top, and indeed it was. Riding back down through that would frankly have been dangerous, so I didn’t want to do it.

The second problem was simply that it would have been freezing cold and snowing. On its own that wouldn’t have stopped me, but combined with problem 1 I was happy not to be going up.

So instead, I watched the race pass by. It is funny to think that now my life is revolving around the race, but I still hardly see it. It made a nice change to get myself a pizza and a drink, sit by the side of the road and watch the race pass by.


Tony has been over here climbing every monster mountain he can find!

From there, I managed to meet up with a mate who is over here for the race as well as the riding. We have been just missing each other for a week, but finally we met up and even rode for a while this afternoon. Then he and his bunch realised they were going the wrong way (makes me feel so much better seeing other people doing that too…) so they turned around, while I rode further down the valley before leaping on a train for tomorrow’s start. It meant a fairly easy day again for me, around 120km all together, but I feel like it has been a solid ride so far at around 3277km, so I am not that worried.

Tomorrow, though, is the last day. I managed to get a good start into the course tonight but there are a lot of nasty bits of road and various closures, so I still don’t expect it to be easy. We will see though!

One more thing – another competition. This time the prize is even better! A bidon used by a Lotto Belisol rider, and a bidon actually used by the rider now almost certain to get second place overall tomorrow. That’s right, this is a bidon endowed with racing success! Once again to win all you need to do is make the highest donation, and this time the deadline is the moment the first rider finishes the race tomorrow! Everyone who has donated since the last competition is of course eligible, but I warn you, this time the competition is hot!


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