A Tough Day

Well, yesterday was a very tough day. The course had some hilly sections that were very hilly, and some flat sections. The flat sections should have been fast, but they were mainly into a stiff headwind.

I did reach the finish though, in time to see Paolini take a good win, with Evans coming home strongly for second. It was also good to see Peter Weening up with the front guys. And it was set right on the beach. So far so good.

Now I just needed to ride the transition, and make a start on today’s stage. Should be easy. But it wasn’t. I had planned to navigate between (and along, even) stages using my new garmin. As I think I have mentioned though, my garmin GPS has no maps in it. So it can’t actually plan a route for you.

I had been waiting and hoping that I would get the maps made for it, but it just didn’t happen. So I ended up planning routes at the last possible minute on my computer, and downloading them. Doing it at the last minute means I didn’t check them, and last night, as I followed the steepest possible route, I was regretting that. Not as much as 5 minutes later though, when it told me to turn right. There was just a paddock to my right. A very steep and overgrown one. Finally though I spotted a gate, and no visible track. That was clearly not an option. Happily I had my phone charged and Google maps was working, so I got it out and took a look. That is when o realised I was on the steepest possible route, and that from where I was I still had a long way to go (assuming I stuck to the roads of course). So I kept following the road I was on, because extreme off-road is really not an option.

I got to the start of today’s stage, but I was exhausted, and going further was also not an option. I stopped where I was, knowing that now I have a very long way to go today.

I will ride the stage, but I think I will end up taking public transport for the transition tonight, or else I will just fall too far behind.

On that note, time to ride. You can watch it here!

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5 thoughts on “A Tough Day

  1. anne marie

    Don’t sweat the small stuff! :) What you’re doing is AWESOME and you’re making lemonade out of lemons! Ride on, Rowan! :)

  2. Benno

    Hi Rowan,
    keep pedaling and after a hard moment better times arrive! One advise : make a paket and send the heavy stuff home you’ll suffer less and being faster with more pleasure keeps up the moral.
    lucky you to be on the nice roads of coast de Amalfie!
    und da du auch Deutsch sprichst, bleib am Ball und mit frohem Mut weitergestrampelt!
    geniess die Zeit frei wie ein Vogel dahinzustrampelnb

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Benno, great advice! I have done almost exactly that, lightening my load by several kilos and it improves things a great deal! I am loving the freedom and the gorgeous Italian coast and country. Vielen Danke!

      1. Benno Schmidt

        Well done, and sometimes the hasard is sorting out things fine for us. So I hope you can take again a bit of advantage and fly along the roads :-)
        When I folliwed the Tour with 10kg on the back it was fine until the steep climbs where I striped down to 5 to clim the hc with pleasure even in the heat. Live the moment et bon courage
        Gruss Benno


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