Ahead of the storm…

Yesterday went ok. I awoke suffering from a cold but was still riding ok and managed to finished the day’s stage fairly early. The fact that I had done most of it the day before certainly helped.

Today is also a long day, and I wanted to get a start on today’s stage as well, but during the final climb yesterday the rain started coming down. I decided to catch a train for most of the transition rather than riding it, to give myself a chance to warm up and dry off.

The plan worked well, and I got close to today’s start feeling much warmer. I headed out onto the road but before long the weather started looking ugly yet again.

I quickly wrapped up and decided to ride to the nearest hotel. The only problem bring that there wasn’t one nearby.

I was going to have to ride for a while, but it turned out not to be so bad. It was a storm front coming through, with a lot of wind. But it was coming from right behind me, in a very distinct line. So I swept across the land at 30 or 40 km/h, with rain spots around me but 200m behind me everything was drenched. Very cool.

Of course, then it caught me and I was drenched too, but happily by then there was a shower nearby!

Here is a short video about the day. Today livetracking doesn’t seem to work for me, my apologies!


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One thought on “Ahead of the storm…

  1. Dave

    Keep up the good work mate! Been good to follow, and I personally know how hard it is keeping a blog on a trip like this.
    Wish I was with you over there with you again!
    Pedal on


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