Back to Italy!

Hi Everyone,

It’s another video blog today and you can view the video here, but here are just a few pictures to go along with it.


Heading towards the mountains, the view was brilliant.


The sun was out and it was a glorious day to be riding your bike up a mountain.


Except for the road closures due to avalanche risk.


I respect this guy as a cyclist, electric bike and all!

This morning my cold, which I had thought was beaten, seems to have come back strong. I guess I should have had a jacket on for that last picture, but I will take things easy today and should be fine.

Livetracking hasn’t worked so well with all the recent border crossings (I think because my phone, which sends the signal, tends to get confused and lock up) but hopefully will be better today. Here is the link!

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One thought on “Back to Italy!

  1. stefano

    Ciao Rowan,
    it is unbelivable what you are doing.
    When I though that you are riding under the snow and since two weeks in a raw, I remain admired.
    Tieni duro!!!


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