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Let’s Go Video!

Second Edit: thanks for letting me know that the YouTube links didn’t work properly, hopefully they are better now! If not, please let me know again… And apologies in advance for the poor sound, that is something I am working on!

So the wonderful people at GoPro gave me an awesome camera. Then some lowlife stole my cables, so I haven’t really used it much yet!

Obviously time to start though, so tonight a bit of a different blog post. Let me know if it doesn’t work!

There is this one: … No there isn’t. Ah, the learning curves of technology. My phone can’t read the video, and can’t upload it to the blog. Hopefully though it is uploading it to YouTube even as I type…

And it was. Here is the link.

And some pics:


Adam Hansen had a great win on Friday. Real Hard-Man stuff.


And just for good measure, link.


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Maybe I’m getting soft!

Last week was great. Last week I rode outside every day, and on most days I even had sun! The temperature hit double digits and on one day I actually rode without arm or leg warmers. Even yesterday wasn’t too bad, I got a good ride in and only got lightly snowed on for the last 20km or so. Today, though, things have turned ugly.


Call me soft if you want, but I say today is a day for indoor training!

Today, I say it is just cruel to your bike to take it outside. So it isn’t really for me, but more for my bike that I will be doing most of my training this week inside

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