Day Two – Quick Spin Around an Island.

It was another good day at the Giro, although I didn’t actually see the race. Today’s stage was a team time trial (TTT) on the island of Ischia. Ischia is about an hour or two by ferry from Napoli, and is beautiful, not to mention fairly rugged.

I had met a guy yesterday who told me that there was no point going, because we wouldn’t be allowed on the course anyway. I’m happy to report that he was wrong.

The first hundred meters and the last hundred meters were both closed off, but other than that I was free to ride back and forth along the course as much as I wanted. Did I mention it was hilly?


Yes, that does say 35%. I don't think it was though. But steep.

I didn’t want to ride back and forth that much! I did get a good ride along it though, enough to appreciate that a lot of the roads were new (much better than yesterday) and that although the climbs are all pretty short, some are quite steep.

So I had a great morning, and a nice ride. I did have a problem though. This is the point where things start getting very strenuous, and I wanted to get a good start today on tomorrow’s stage. I am also suffering from a tiny, tiny bit of a cold, but to stop it turning into a lot of a cold I want to sleep lots at the moment. That means starting the transition early, which means leaving Ischia early, which means not actually seeing the race. A bit disappointing, because it will be great to watch (if you’ve never seen a TTT, you are missing out. The speed and precision when they do it right is amazing) but I think better to miss watching now than to risk getting sick and ruining the rest of the trip.

In some good news, I have patched up some charging cables. They are nasty, but I can now charge my phone, my GPS, and some of my lights. The rest of the lights and the cameras will hopefully follow tonight.

So I am heading off from Naples now, you can see how far I get through the live tracking here.


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