Fantastic Posting Action!

Here is the first post using the great new WordPress app. I’m hoping it will make posting things so much easier… It inserts pics,


A fun little climb - note the black thing, which is the removable leg of my pants, lying on the ground behind the bike. I looked for that for ages when I got home, then noticed it here and figured out what happened...

Seems to be easy, and even formatting isn’t at all hard. Pretty happy so far, will see if posting works, and editing!

Hmm, not sure what some of these buttons do…

One good way to find out though! Now if only I could work out how to post it…

Update: even editing the post is not too hard! I like this ap! Oh, and by the way, it seems you can post paste into the editor, to add your old email signature, for example!

I rode the Tour de France. Check it out at

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