Great Day for a Ride

The post I had lost came back to me! Great! It is below. Today (the real today, as opposed to when I wrote the post) has started well after disaster last night. Spent half an hour riding with Gianni Motta, and it is wonderful weather. Here is a link for live tracking (since the one I posted earlier failed, sorry).

Today was a great day to be riding a bike through Tuscany. And lucky me, I was doing just that!

Today was a rest day for the race, which meant I had some time to play with. I still planned to get an early start if possible, but also needed a good night’s sleep and take care of a few things happening in the rest of the world.

I was also pretty keen to at least try for the video upload. It didn’t work as smoothly as I had hoped, sorry, but I think a little practice and it will be all good. And with a bit more practice, and some technological assistance, it might just be great. Certainly after the ride and with a bit of editing there will be some great video!

Anyway, I still got on the bike in reasonable time, ready to ride the end of stage 9.

I had stopped yesterday because of the weather. I had noticed the pattern that there seemed to be beautiful mornings, followed by reasonably short but intense storms in the afternoon.

If you have been watching the race you might have noticed this, with a few wet finishes… So when a storm seemed imminent in the evening I just found a good place to stop (a pensione, I don’t mind camping in the rain but with hail and lightening it is just no fun) and stayed the night. I expected today to follow the same weather pattern. In the morning it certainly did, coming clear very early with glorious sunshine, but still cool enough for pleasant climbing. That was a bonus, because I had quite a few hills on the menu today.


Beautiful green countryside.

The difference today though was the afternoon. Still beautiful and clear, a glorious day in Tuscany, with some beautiful, lush, green countryside. So really fantastic riding all around.

Unfortunately though it was pretty clear I didn’t have time to ride the transition, so as I write I am sitting on a train.


Italians love the Giro, and decorate the streets accordingly!

Tomorrow things change a bit. The race reaches some proper mountains, and hangs around them for quite a while. This is where the Giro earns its reputation as being a tougher race than the Tour de France. My legs were feeling ok today as I span up a cat.1 climb, but I am expecting a lot more pain soon. I have already used every gear on the bike enough to justify the work I did rebuilding it, but here is where it will really pay dividends. I am looking forward to it, even though I still may end up walking a few stretches!

Meanwhile, the donations are still slowly coming in, don’t forget to check out the great charities I am supporting, and remember, every donation helps, no matter how big or small!

An update: Once again, my early start didn’t happen. This time it is because something has broken, and I need the shops to open so I can fix it. Frustrating.

On the other hand, I am privileged enough to have some wonderful friends, one of whom put in a huge amount of work to figure out how to get some maps for my GPS to me here in Italy. I am extremely lucky, having friends like that!

Will start riding soon, and the link to follow the ride is here!


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