It Begins…

And I’m off! I did the first riding of the trip today. I have to confess that for this ride I didn’t worry about the live tracking, since it was only from home to the train station. The rest of the ride will all be live though.¬† Actually I’m only just resisting the temaptation to turn on live-tracking now while I am on the train to Italy – it would make my average speed look much better

There were, of course, a few last minute problems that came up…
Just in case preparing for a three week, 3000+km solo unsupported bike ride wasn’t enough, I also decided that this was the week I should pack and ship all of my worldly goods ready for my move to the other side of the world. Apparently a fair percentage of the population think that moving house is more stressful than dying. I’m not sure about that but I do know that I have had very little sleep this week, and certainly wouldn’t have got everything done if it wasn’t for one particular wonderful person giving up their sleep to help me!

Everything that needed to got shipped though, and the bike did get put together in time, though actually cleaning it was a luxury I didn’t have time for.

The biggest issue is with the garmin. I bought it specifically for the navigation functionality. I ordered the package with maps included, but that was sold out so I changed the order to the package without maps, and tried to download the maps from garmin. It didn’t work. There were about 4 different error messages, and I saw each of them multiple times over the week I tried to download. Finally I gave up and asked for a refund, and ordered the maps on an SD card, to be mailed to me. Before placing the order I rang, to make sure it would arrive on time. I was told that if I went with standard delivery it would probably arrive today, but if I paid extra for express then it would be here by Tuesday at the latest. Of course, I paid extra. Unfortunately it is now Thursday, and the SD card still¬† hasn’t arrived. Even if it does get delivered tomorrow it does me no good, I will already be in Italy. Very disappointing effort, garmin.

I probably would be more annoyed, but I was kind of expecting a bad result after everything I had heard about garmin, and happily someone else really made my day.

It wasGoPro. Yes, the camera people. Those fantastic people decided to help me out by giving me a camera to take with me. They decided to give me one of their tiny cameras so I can get some great stills and photos to make the blog even more exciting. Fantastic. The problem was, this decision happened just the other day. How could they possibly get it to me in time?

The answer was, they hand delivered it. Seriously. How good is that? So thank you, GoPro, you guys are great!

Getting ready for first train change now. The problem with travelling with the bike is that I am restricted to the slow trains, and have to change about 7 times. But I’m not worried, I’m on an adventure!

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