Subscribe and Win!!!

Well, actually to be honest all that you will win is free notifications of future posts. But that is a pretty good prize, so subscribe, quickly!

You can now subscribe to hear about new posts using the widget over to the right of the screen or at the bottom of every post, or you can subscribe to comments for a particular post, at the bottom of that post.  I promise not tetigy share your information with anyone else, or to send anything that isn’t related to this site. The first thing I send though will be confirmation of your subscription. Make sure you respond to that because you won’t get any more notifications until you do. Remember, by subscribing you will also get notification so you can follow my progress live as I ride, so don’t delay, subscribe now!

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One thought on “Subscribe and Win!!!

  1. Peter Storey

    All the best on your epic ride. You are inspiring many of us to get out there and live life to the fullest. Enjoy and remember no pain no gain.
    Peter Storey


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