The rain falls…

For stage 12, it rained. They did various things like modifying the course for the race, which I really didn’t think they needed to do. This wasn’t hail, or lightning, it was just rain. I have to admit though, there was rather a lot of it.

I wanted to start early so I could finish early and then catch a train for the transition to stage 13. I got up early and as I stepped out of the door the first drops began to fall. Just light, gentle drops. All the same, to be safe, I put the rain covers on my panniers. I also put on my rain jacket, since the start was downhill anyway.

The rain slowly increased. Slowly but steadily. And didn’t stop. I am fairly sure I rode through some spectacular places, but I didn’t see them. And I certainly didn’t stop to photograph them, sorry!

The guys from pulled up for a chat at one point, and asked if I could see anything at all. At the time I replied “not much”, but visibility did get worse from there. So much so that I missed a direction arrow at one point. I don’t know if it was missing, or hidden by a truck as I went past, or if it was just raining too hard, but somehow I didn’t see it, which meant lost time figuring out where I was and how to get back on course. If I ever stay in a place with an internet terminal I will create courses for the remaining stages that I can put on the garmin, but I can’t do it from my phone.

Anyway, after a bit of backtracking I was back on course and headed for the finish. It was a very short stage, so I made it to the train station early and got to the next stage.

I started riding it straight away, looking for a hotel as I went. I found one, which was good, because it turns out the rain covers for the panniers aren’t working so well. Actually, they may as well not be there.

Everything I have with me was soaked through. The clothes I was wearing were actually dryer than what had been in the panniers. My sleeping bag was soaked.

Every time I shopped yesterday I took the bags they offered, so for stage 13 things will be in bags within the panniers. Hope it helps, because there will be more rain!

Stage 13 is a very long one, so I best get cracking. Here is the livetrack link.


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One thought on “The rain falls…

  1. Anne Marie

    Rowan! You’re a champion! You’re doing awesome and your play-by-play is so real! The fact that you just take whatever comes your way, no matter rain or shine, and that you can really enjoy everything about this journey you’re on show’s incredible maturity and strength in your character! You’re an inspiration, in many ways! Keep up the good spirits! Ride on, Rowan! :)


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