Week 2- Going Out With a Bang

Well, week two is over. This week started fairly slowly, and I wasn’t riding particularly far, but Friday that changed. Friday’s stage was around 250km, but I had ridden some of it on Thursday night. After the stage though I needed to do the transition to the next stage, and then I started riding that stage as well while I looked for somewhere to sleep. That bought the day to 275km, making it 1119km for the week, bringing the total for the trip to 2231km.

It was a great ride on Friday though. Not as spectacular as other stages, being across a lot of flat plains used for crops, but good for my ego.

Bicycles are wonderfully efficient really. When you are going along on the flat the only reasons you won’t roll forever are rolling resistance and wind resistance. As your speed goes up wind resistance plays a much bigger role. This is why a bunch of cyclists can move so fast, as they give each other protection from wind.

With the bags on my bike I get about twice as much wind drag. This is terrible 95% of the time. For that other 5% though the wind is blowing the way I am going, and it becomes great. It only takes a few minutes of cruising around 40km/h to suddenly feel good about riding.

Last night was a slow night. As I write this I know I need to go pack my stuff from where it has all been hung out to dry that little bit more and then get on my bike.

A lot of it is still damp, but my sleeping bag and thermals are all dry now. I will need that, because it will be cold over the weekend!

Right, time to go, here is the livetracking link.


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