Wild Weather and Spectacular Coastline

Well, yesterday turned out to be a great day. I had been a little disappointed to miss the TTT but I think I needed to. The trip down from Naples started off as terrible roads in a big city, but gradually opened out. I joined up with a bunch from Germany for a while, but as we got further south the view got better and better, and I lost them when I had to stop to take a photo. Yes, the ferry trip was productive, the camera charging is starting to work. The problem I have now is that everything is flat and I can still only charge one thing at a time. But it will all be good by tomorrow.

At Sorentto I hit today’s course. Again, there are short but steep hills. Lots of them. But the descents, on smooth roads above the Amalfi coast, are just magic.

As I rode along them though I noticed a storm headed my way. Since there is not even enough clear flat land on the Amalfi coast for a tent as big as mine, and I hate getting rained on, I made a beeline for the nearest hotel. Had a great view last night as the storm came over and raged. Very spectacular!

Oh, and the great bit about this hotel? They had a big scale. For those wondering (and I was) the bike with gear is 31kg.

This is short because unfortunately I didn’t get very far, so I need to get riding! Check out the ride here!


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2 thoughts on “Wild Weather and Spectacular Coastline

  1. Amy

    Rowan I’m loving your blog! I can hear your voice and see you doing all these crazy things! Go go go!


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