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So, welcome to my web page.  It was originally started to keep of record of my travels as I rode the route of the Tour de France in 2009.  That was a magnificent experience, and although there were times when I felt terrible and was suffering so much I contemplated giving up, I now look back on it as one of my best adventures.
Over four weeks I got to ride my bike through 7 countries, climb some of the most famous climbs in bike racing, camp in some breathtakingly beautiful spots (as well as at least one patch of gravel about 3 meters off the side of a major highway... I was tired), meet some fantastic people who I still keep in touch with today and of course live the Tour de France, my way.  The worst things about it though was being away from my friends and family for far too long. 

One thing that helped was keeping this blog, and since then I just kind of like the idea, so it is still here.  The focus is mainly on bikes and bike riding, and the sport I do, but every know and then there are random other things thrown in.  I am in the process of moving it all to a new host and completely new site right now, and a lot of stuff is still on the old site, sorry.  To get there, just click the link on the here.  Once you are there you can read all about my trips around the Tour de France (one and a half times), the Vuelta ciclista de Espana, the Tour de Timor and a few other various races for good measure!  These will eventually be imported into this new version of the site, but not before June.  The Giro 2010 link will be a bit sad, that one just never hapened, but it is OK because it will be even better in 2013! 

This year there are a lot of big changes happening in my life.  I have a new job, which includes moving to a different country, that I am really looking forward to.  Before then I have to finish up my old contract first.  The good news is that the leave for the Giro is already in the system, so that bit doesn't change!

That first trip around the Tour de France was done just for the fun of it, but while I was there I started thinking about other things I could do.  It occured to me (actually, I was inspired by Lance Armstrong, though I'm not sure that I should admit that) that maybe I could be doing something good in the world as I rode, and so this year, that is what I am aiming for.  I will be raising funds for three great charities as I follow the Giro d'Italia, so hopefully in some small way I can make the world a better place.

There is also a HUGE adventure that I think will have to happen some time.  It certainly won't be this year, and probably not next, but it is in the pipeline for the long run.  Which is nice, because after the Giro I will have ridden all three Grand Tours, so I will need a new challenge!  Anyway, the first thing is the Giro, so best I go and get ready for that!

Stay tuned for all of the news, and remember you will hear about it here first!  (or maybe twitter.  Don't forget to follow me on twitter.  @tourletour, of course...)
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